The Absence….

Memories of Bali
Memories of Bali

I haven’t posted in over 10 months! Terrible on my part. After my travels over SE Asia for a month earlier on in the year, I got extremely busy…

I started a new degree at the University of Western Sydney as soon as I got back in February and I got a little lost in the daily motions of getting used to a new University, teaching new students and of course planning new travels!

I’ve almost finished my first year of my Master of Teaching degree and I have to say that it has to have been one of the most challenging things that I have ever done. But, I feel like it was something that I had to do considering where I am headed career wise.

In travel news, my travel partner and I are heading to New Zealand from the 3rd to the 10th of December. We are exploring the North Island on this trip, landing in Auckland and plan to drive around for the time that we are there!

Would love to get any advice on traveling in NZ from those more experienced than I. Considering how crazy this year has been for me. I feel like I am overdue for an overseas trip!


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